Payments & SaaS Platforms

We partner with you to offer embedded lending solutions, contextually within your ecosystem to increase customer acquisition and retention.


Offer credit solutions natively within your eco-system

Our API suite offers an unparalleled capability to provide your clients with access to credit when they need it and how they need it, without ever leaving your platform.

Pre-Qualify Your Customers

We can help you market to your customers and show targeted offers within your ecosystem at the right time.

Loan Journey

You control the customer journey, integrating with our API suite for your customers to apply, get account updates and access credit.

Access to the Best Sources of Capital

Utilize our existing relationships with bank partners and gain access to multiple sources of capital.


Your customer benefits from a frictionless payout and seamless user experience.

Take advantage of our API-forward solution

Open API architecture makes it fast and easy to get started.

Visit our API Documentation Hub to learn more about our full suite of API endpoints and how to begin the integration process.

What embedded credit can do for you

Offer a Seamless Experience

Embed our products in your platform and maintain control over the customer experience.

Point of Sale Financing

Help your customers with growth capital or working capital to manage their cash flow.

Companies Served

POS & E-commerce
AR Automation
AP Automation
Management Software
B2B Payments

Find out what we can do for you

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